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Welcome to Up for Beauty!

Hey there! Welcome to my brand-new blog! I’m Lisa, the founder of Up for beauty and I love all things fashion and beauty related!

Here at Up for beauty, I will share with you my makeup, beauty, skincare tips and style advice.

If like me you care about your skin and what you are putting on it, you love makeup and all things fashion related, then you’ve come to the right place!

The reason behind Up for beauty

I started Up for beauty as I wanted to help other young girls and women who aren’t very confident in applying makeup, to offer tips on how to create certain looks and help you take care of your skin by showing you the benefits of using natural skincare products.

I also have a huge love for affordable high street fashion and and I will show you how you don’t need to spend a fortune to look good. However, I do love the odd designer item which I regularly mix in with high street fashion, which I will also share on here.

We don’t all have a personal stylist or makeup artist on hand to advise us what to wear and which makeup will suit us. But this is where I come in; I’m your next best thing. I will help you put together the perfect look or help you create an entirely new wardrobe by showing you how to create looks that work. I’m here to advise you of what looks will suit you, what makeup you should use for your type of skin and how to perfect a certain look.

We are all Up for beauty and we all want to look beautiful and stylish. I have an eye for style and I love creating certain looks with makeup and clothing. So, stick around and let’s see if I can help you create that desired look that we all crave!

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Thanks for stopping by,

Lisa x

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