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7 Reasons Why You Should Try a Konjac Sponge


7 Reasons Why You Should Try a Konjac Sponge

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Have you heard of the latest skincare trends to hit the market called the Konjac sponge?

This isn’t just ‘any old sponge,’ it’s a ‘pure Complexion facial sponge’ which is handmade and contains 100 per cent all-natural ingredients such as natural Asian root plant fibre and pure Konjac plant fibre.

It’s full of antioxidants and is the secret component to achieving that clear complexion that we all crave.

Because of its natural properties, the konjac sponge won’t damage your skin.

It was created to enhance the condition of your skin by providing a deeper clean, and a gentle exfoliation to wipe away dirt, makeup and oil, leaving skin fresh, smooth and more radiant!

Let’s look at 7 reasons why you should try a Konjac sponge.


1. They Are Eco-friendly and Vegan

Say goodbye to facial wipes and cotton wool pads by using one of these Eco-friendly sponges in your daily skincare routine.

Konjac sponges are entirely biodegradable, and therefore, can be composted with your food waste and garden recycling when they come to the end of their life cycle and start to break down.

2. They Are Reusable

The  Konjac sponges can be used daily as part of your skincare routine. Simply rinse after each use and hang out to dry, ready for the following day.


3. They Remove Makeup










The Konjac sponges are great for removing all traces of makeup and are more effective than using your hands! Use the sponge with soap and water to remove your makeup or your favourite cleanser. They are even effective at removing eye makeup.

4. They Can Be Used on the Body

The Konjac sponges can be used as an all-over body sponge and can be used on areas that require a deeper clean such as the chest and back area.

Japanese farmers originally invented the Konjac sponge for bathing babies. The sponge was perfect for use on their delicate skin as it is a natural product and super soft.

5. They Come in Various Shapes

The Konjac sponge comes in different shapes to suit your needs.


6. They Are Suitable for Different Skin Types

Konjac sponges come in an array of different colours, which indicate their active ingredients. They are suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, sensitive skin and are even suitable for use on babies and children.

They are perfect for balancing out the skin and are especially effective at removing makeup from the delicate eye area. There is a sponge for everyone!

White Sponge

This is an all-natural sponge that hasn’t had any active ingredients added which makes it suitable for babies and sensitive skin.

Black Sponge

This sponge contains activated charcoal, which is known for removing impurities and toxins that cause blackheads and acne. This sponge is suitable for you if you have oily or acne prone-skin.

Green Sponge

This sponge contains green clay which purify’s the skin and will leave you with a matt complexion. Some also contain green tea which is beneficial for treating acne-prone, sunburnt and mature skin and is also great for dry and sensitive skin and reducing inflammation.

Red sponge

This sponge is infused with french red clay and removes impurities from the skin and minimises pores. This is a very popular sponge if you suffer from oily, acne-prone and combination skin types to keep pores unclogged and prevent breakouts.

Purple Sponge

The purple sponge contains lavender which is well-known for calming and relaxing the skin and is also suitable for super sensitive skin.

7. They Give You a Deeper Cleanse

These sponges will give a deeper cleanse than a ‘normal sponge’ and will remove all traces of makeup, soak up any excess sebum from your skin, remove blackheads, dead skin cells and minimise pores.

How to Use a Konjac Facial Sponge

Soak the KONJAC SPONGE for 2-3 minutes in warm water until it has expanded. Wet the Konjac sponge each time before use, then gently rub the sponge across your face with either water or cleanser to remove makeup, dirt or any other impurities. Rinse thoroughly after each use and leave to dry naturally. You mustn’t use the sponge when it is dry.

For best results, use twice a day as part of your skincare routine. Ensure you apply moisturiser afterwards, I recommend using a Zoe Bee cream which will leave you skin super hydrated.

The sponge will need replacing roughly every 3 months or as soon as it starts to deteriorate.


How to Care For The Konjac Sponge

Do not over wring the sponge as it contains delicate plant fibres which can be easily damaged. To prolong the life of the sponge, you might want to consider placing it in the fridge to keep it fresh, or even a radiator/heated towel rail is equally as good for airing it.

You will find that the sponge will harden and shrink once it has dried which is normal so don’t be alarmed! Simply re-hydrate the sponge in warm water for 2-3 minutes before each use.

How you look after the sponge will determine how long it will last. If you leave it in a wet shower it will start to deteriorate much quicker and will need replacing sooner.


Transform Your Beauty Regime

And there you have it, 7 reasons why you should try a Konjac sponge!

I hope these amazing benefits of using a Konjac sponge have convinced you to try one as part of your daily beauty routine? They are cheap to buy and will save on the cost of all those cotton wool pads you would normally use and minimise waste.

Remember do not over wring the sponge and never leave it saturated in water and dispose of your sponge as soon as it starts showing signs of wear and tear!

Let me know your thoughts on these Eco sponges and if you already use a Konjac sponge, which one is your favourite?

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